China : Ten years of Anti-Monopoly Law - Its review and prospect

La loi chinoise anti-monopole (AML) a été promulguée il y a dix ans. La prospective de l’AML chinoise a connu des progrès limités mais réguliers dans la politique de la concurrence, le système juridique, l’application de la loi, la coopération internationale, etc. Cet essai a revu la décennie passée de l’AML chinoise et a fourni des prévisions et des attentes.

1. Promulgated on August 30, 2007, the Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) of the People’s Republic of China went into effect one year later. This paper intends to provide a concise overview of issues around its implementation in the past decade, and then makes some comments on its implementation and predictions and expectation about its future developments are made. I. Overview and comments 1. Competition policy in initial phase with its effectiveness yet to be seen 2. The Chinese government has been working to promote a new round of economic reforms oriented to “give the full play of the basic role of the market in resource allocation” since 2013. The Communist Party of China and the central government later issued a series of guiding documents, hammering at the role played by competition

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  • Global Law Office (Beijing)


Jiang Wan, China : Ten years of Anti-Monopoly Law - Its review and prospect, novembre 2017, Concurrences N° 4-2017, Art. N° 84894,

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