UNCTAD’s collaborative information platform

UNCTAD has launched an initiative dedicated to information exchange between competition agencies, as part of its ongoing work on capacity building and international cooperation. The new information platform will facilitate exchange of non-confidential information and serve, in particular, to enhance and aggregate the enforcement capacity of young and developing competition regimes.

I. Introduction 1. The application of competition law in an international setting has long been a challenging area for competition agencies. Legal and practical obstacles often limit an agency’s ability to obtain information on multinational violations and engage in effective enforcement and prosecution. 2. These limitations have been particularly noticeable in the case of developing countries and economies in transition. These regimes are characterised by limited enforcement capacity and tend to focus their attention on domestic violators and on efforts to foster a “competition culture”. The challenge of tackling sophisticated cross-border anticompetitive activity and the imposition of effective sanctions on international violators may be beyond their reach. 3. Unfortunately, the

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  • University of Oxford - Centre for Competition Law and Policy
  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development


Ariel Ezrachi, Hassan Qaqaya, UNCTAD’s collaborative information platform, décembre 2012, Concurrences N° 4-2012, Art. N° 49298, pp. 204-207

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