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Competition in troubled times

Competition policy is in flux. Not for the first time, but what is different now? What is likely to happen?

It has become a commonplace and an understatement that competition policy today faces new challenges, opportunities and dangers. I will focus in what follows on competition policy in the broad sense as it is understood in Europe, encompassing antitrust, mergers and state aid. The digital economy, climate emergency, Brexit, populism, trade tensions and now Covid-19 all come together to shake the foundations of a consensus carefully established over the last fifty years. While there have always been schools of thought, paradoxes, ruptures and disagreements in this field, it does seem that intellectual ferment, political impatience and questioning of the traditional roles of key protagonists (institutions, courts, lawyers, economists) are reaching a crescendo unprecedented in recent

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Jonathan Faull, Competition in troubled times, septembre 2020, Concurrences N° 3-2020, Art. N° 95098,

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