Competition Law in the Czech Republic

David Raus, Josef Bejcek, Michal Petr, Robert Neruda

The authors of this handy book of three parts are Czech competition legal practitioners and academics. Robert Neruda is a Partner at Havel, Holasek & Partners s.r.o., David Raus is a Judge at the Regional Court in Brno, Michal Petr is a Vice-chairman at the Czech Competition Authority and Josef Bejcek is a Professor at Masaryk University.

In Part I, the authors present the structure of antitrust law and its enforcement in an economic, legal and historical context by looking at the sources of antitrust law, the scope of application, the overview of substantive provisions, the overview of main notions and the consequences of violations and enforcement institutions. In Part II, the authors highlight the application of the prohibitions by analyzing restrictive agreements, dominant undertakings’ prohibited practices and concentrations. In Part III, the authors focus on the administrative procedure, more specifically the administrative investigation before the antitrust authority, voluntary notifications and clearance decisions, merger control and the way to challenge the administrative decision.

To summarize, this book on Competition Law in the Czech Republic constitutes an interesting tool for practitioners and academics who want to deepen their expertise in comparative competition law.

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David Leys, Competition Law in the Czech Republic, mai 2015, Concurrences N° 2-2015, Art. N° 72634, p. 236

Éditeur Kluwer Law International

Date 1er janvier 2015

Nombre de pages 250

ISBN 978-90-411-5879-6

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