DREXL Josef, BAKHOUM Mor, FOX Eleanor, GAL Michal, GERBER David (dir.), Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012, 352 p.

Competition Policy and Regional Integration in Developing Countries

This book presents a detailed study of the interface between regional integration and competition policies of selected regional trade agreements (RTAs), and the potential of regional competition laws to help developing countries achieve their development goals.

The book provides insights on the regional integration experiences in developing countries, their potential for development and the role of competition law and policy in the process. Moreover, the book emphasizes the development dimension both of regional competition policies and of competition law. This timely book delivers concrete proposals that will help to unleash the potential of regional integration and regional competition policies, and also help developing countries to fully enjoy the benefits deriving from a regional market.

Bringing together analysis from well-known scholars in the developed world with practical insight from scholars in countries hoping to exploit the potential of competition law, this book will appeal to academics working in the field of competition law, practitioners, policy makers and officials from developing countries, as well as those in development organizations such as UNCTAD.

— ‘This book is very interesting and provides a valuable contribution to the scholarship on competition law in developing countries. Policymakers and lawyers involved in these fields will gain perspective about the benefits and problems related to the experiences presented in this work.’ – Andrés Palacios Lleras, World Competition
‘This wonderful volume offers a timely and important look at competition policy where it is changing the most – developing countries pursuing regional agreements. It provides superb analytical discussions of the impact of regional competition policy integration, why developing states have pursued this strategy, and the extent to which it is meeting their needs. The editors have assembled a superb roster of experts, so it is not a surprise that the book recommendations are insightful, and deserving of attention from policy makers.’ – Andrew Guzman, Berkeley Law School, US
‘This book makes it perfectly clear that a pro-competitive environment is an important condition for further progress on the road to development. The potential for improvement is even larger if the competitive framework is not reserved to the national level but extends to the regional dimension. The task is complex, and errors cannot be excluded. This highly recommendable book shows how to avoid them.’ – Andreas Heinemann, International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law

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  • Monash Law School (Melbourne)


Mel Marquis, Competition Policy and Regional Integration in Developing Countries, mai 2013, Concurrences N° 2-2013, Art. N° 52084, pp. 221-222

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