RUBINI Luca, Edward Elgar, 528 p.

Microsoft on Trial : Legal and Economic Analysis of a Transatlantic Antitrust Case, Luca RUBINI

Microsoft on Trial analyses the antitrust cases that have involved Microsoft on both sides of the Atlantic and offers a thorough and timely discussion on the regulation of unilateral behaviour in a topical sector.

This fascinating and highly relevant book facilitates discussion on the difficult technical, legal and economic issues with respect to innovation, competition and welfare raised, through the span of more than a decade, by the US and EC Microsoft antitrust cases. It assesses their impact on the evolution of European and US laws on competition and intellectual property in the IT sector and beyond.

The book, which adopts a multidisciplinary approach (IT, law, economics), benefits from the valuable insights of 20 contributors including those that were directly involved in the EC case. Practitioners, advanced postgraduates and academics will find this unique book an essential resource.

— ‘I would highly recommend this book to any practitioner, academic, or postgraduate student interested in either the specifics of the EU and US Microsoft cases or more generally in the current scope of unilateral conduct laws on both sides of the Atlantic. It is refreshingly easy to navigate, thanks to an excellent index and table of cases and legislation, no mean feat in light of the fact that the book is a collection of 14 independent essays. The editor, Luca Rubini, deserves particular praise for this achievement. The editor also provides an invaluable multi-disciplinary approach to the various issues raised by the increasing interaction of competition law and intellectual property law in the information technology sector and beyond.’ – Anthony Dawes, European Law Review
‘. . . the book is a valuable resource for anybody wishing to gain in-depth knowledge of the competition proceedings related to Microsoft.’ – Tjarda van der Vijver, Common Market Law Review
‘Much has already been written about the case, but these fourteen chapters contain some of the best descriptions of the facts and markets accompanied by economic analysis. All the contributors write lucidly. . . The chapters have been written tightly, and many points not obvious on a quick reading of the case have been analysed perceptively. Detailed descriptions of the conduct and the market in which it occurred were made throughout.’ – Valentine Korah, World Competition
‘What makes this collection outstanding is that it is unlikely that any single person could have produced anything as good, because the Microsoft cases are just too extensive in their jurisdictional and subject matter scope to be encompassed by a single person. . . none of the essays here appear to me to be poor – all are good, some are excellent. . . I have read the book cover to cover and strongly recommend it to anyone interested in the Microsoft case in particular, but, more importantly, to anyone with an interest in the state of competition law at the start of the 21st century, and its role moving forward. There are even good tables of cases and legislation, and a good index – an increasing rarity these days. . . special credit must be given to the editor, Luca Rubini.’ – Mark Furse, European Competition Law Review

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Caroline Si Bouazza Derian, Microsoft on Trial : Legal and Economic Analysis of a Transatlantic Antitrust Case, Luca RUBINI, février 2011, Concurrences N° 1-2011, Art. N° 34075, pp. 246-247

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