VAN DER WOUDE Marc et al (ed.), Sweet & Maxwell, 2010 ed., 709 p. (à jour au 15 juin 2009)

EC Competition Law Handbook

The EC Competition Law Handbook 2007/08 is an essential reference tool for all EC competition lawyers, in-house counsel, competition enforcement authorities, academics and law librarians. With this essential reference source, you will have immediate access to the vast amount of new and updated EC cases and decisions, as well as selected national competition cases. It is organised in an easy-to-access format which allows quick identification and location of cases, legislation and other relevant documentation. It serves as a cases citatory for antitrust cases and Commission Decisions, as well as a reference work for pertinent primary materials.



Fanny Méjane, EC Competition Law Handbook, février 2010, Concurrences N° 1-2010, Art. N° 30429,

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