VAN BAEL & BELLIS, 5ème édition, Wolters Kluwer, collection Law & Business, 2010, 1674 p.

Competition Law of the European Community

This new Fifth Edition of a major work by the well-known competition law team at Van Bael & Bellis brings the book completely up to date to take account of the great number of significant new cases that have been decided since the Fourth Edition in 2004 as well as many other developments. The authors have also taken the opportunity to write much extended chapters on procedure as well as on state involvement in competition. As one would expect, the new edition continues to meet the challenge for businesses and their counsel, providing a thoroughly practical guide to the application of EC competition rules across all market sectors. The critical commentary cuts through the theoretical underpinnings of EC competition law to expose its actual impact on business.

Recent years have first and foremost been a time for gaining experience in the application of the procedural and substantive rules which underwent such fundamental changes in the early years of the decade. In this edition, the authors examine all the important cases from this key period of competition law enforcement, and such notable recent developments as the following :

  • ever-increasing fines under the Commission’s revised fining guidelines ;
  • new risks for companies on appeal ;
  • the Commission’s revised leniency programme ;
  • the Commission’s new formal cartel settlement procedure ;
  • important Article 82 rulings concerning pricing, tying and interoperability, including the Microsoft judgment ;
  • the Commission’s guidance communication concerning its enforcement priorities concerning abusive exclusionary conduct ;
  • the new, broader ‘significantly impeding effective competition’ test under the Merger Regulation ;
  • developments in the energy and telecoms sectors ;
  • distribution issues in the motor vehicle sector ; and
  • procedural aspects of sector inquiries.

As a comprehensive, up-to-date and above all practical analysis of the EC competition rules as developed by the Commission and EC Courts, this authoritative new edition of a classic work stands alone. Like its predecessors, it will be of immeasurable value to both businesspersons and their legal advisers.


  • University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne


Stéphane Rodrigues, Competition Law of the European Community, février 2010, Concurrences N° 1-2010, Art. N° 30421,

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