Competition Law and Antitrust, David J. GERBER

David J. Gerber

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Competition, or Antitrust, law is now a global phenomenon. It operates in more than 100 countries and the relationships among competition law systems are often complex and opaque. Competition law is also new to many countries, which creates uncertainty about how decisions will be made in these jurisdictions. This makes it critically important to understand both the similarities and differences among the systems and the relationships between them. A succinct introduction, this title breaks down the complicated and foreboding topic of competition law. Divided into four parts, this book covers the elements of competition laws, its decisions, targets, and globalization and the future of competition law. It also provides global context by looking at competition law in the US, Europe, and growing markets like Asia and Latin America. This title covers the most pressing issues of competition law in an informative and concise way. Drawing on his lifetime of global experience and research, David J. Gerber’s Competition Law and Antitrust is an essential tool for anyone interested in competition or antitrust law.


  • Chicago-Kent College of Law


David J. Gerber, Competition Law and Antitrust, David J. GERBER, novembre 2020, Concurrences N° 4-2020, Art. N° 102265

Éditeur Oxford University Press

Date 27 août 2020

Nombre de pages 208

ISBN 9780198727477

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