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Voir la traduction en français Croatia : Topical issues in the current competition law


Croatia: Topical issues in the current competition law

This paper discusses current developments in competition law in Croatia by reviewing some of the most relevant issues in these unprecedented times. One of them concerns the recent decisions of the Croatian Constitutional Court by which several judgments of the Administrative Court were quashed. Such decisions raise important questions concerning cartels, relationship between the Constitutional Court and the lower courts, as well as possible responsibility of the Member State for not enforcing EU competition law as a result. The second issue concerns the possibility of achieving actual rather than purely utopian independence of the Competition Agency. Finally, the paper analyses the Decision on Price Control Measures as an act that bypasses well-known instruments of competition law, all in the course of the global pandemic.

I. Introduction 1. Wishing to contribute to expert discussions on current developments and state of play in competition law in Croatia, ab initio we had a rough idea of what there would be to explore. Nevertheless, by no surprise, the surreal viral course of events made a major influence on literally every aspect of human life, and to a great extent also on the economy and market. While being exposed daily to various predictions about general economic performance, and notably about the impact of the crisis on consumer well-being, it seems that media coverage has not sufficiently tackled, or not at all, the issue of competition law, at least in Croatia. It is the impression that everybody is focussed on economic survival and not on the coherent application of well-established and

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  • University of Zagreb - Faculty of Law
  • Liszt & Partners (Zagreb)
  • Liszt & Partners (Zagreb)


Siniša Petrović, Marijana Liszt, Petra Kontić, Croatia : Topical issues in the current competition law, novembre 2020, Concurrences N° 4-2020, Art. N° 96723, pp. 258-263

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