Competition Law as Regulation

Josef Drexl, Fabiana Di Porto

To what extent should competition agencies act as market regulators ? Competition Law as Regulation provides numerous insights from competition scholars on new trends at the interface of competition law and sector-specific regulation.

By relying on the experiences of a considerable number of different jurisdictions, and applying a comparative approach to the topic, this book constitutes an important addition to international research on the interface of competition and regulation. It addresses the fundamental issues of the subject, and contributes to legal theory and practice. Topics discussed include foundations of the complex relationship of competition law and regulation, new forms of advocacy powers of competition agencies, competition law enforcement in regulated industries in general, information and telecommunications markets, and competition law as regulation in IP-related markets.

Scholars in the two fields of law and economics will find the research aspects of the book to be of interest. Officials in competition and regulatory agencies will benefit from the practical relevance of the book.

‘For years, the pendulum between competition law and regulation used to be at full swing between ex ante and ex post intervention. The oscillation now is shorter and the two edges more intertwined. This highly topical edited volume includes contributions at the 8th ASCOLA conference from eminent experts in the field, practitioners and academics. The contributors and the editors have succeeded in producing a coherent, thought-provoking, cutting-edge analysis of an area of law that is continuously changing.’ – Ioannis Kokkoris, Queen Mary University London, UK

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Antonin Pitras, Competition Law as Regulation, septembre 2016, Concurrences Nº 3-2016, Art. N° 80741, pp. 218-220

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