Nina Macpherson (Ericsson) : Competition perspectives from the innovation frontier

Interview réalisée par Anna Chehtova, Bureau of Competition, U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

You started your career at a prominent Swedish law firm, and have spent the past 17 years at a large multinational high-tech company. That is a very long time in ‘technology sector’ given the fast pace of product development and innovation. What trends have you observed over this extensive timeline ? When I joined Ericsson in 1996, I never thought I would become a lifer. I came to grow my legal career, and stayed after falling in love with the company’s innovative spirit as well as its professionalism, sustainability and corporate responsibility. The telecom sector is indeed highly dynamic, and over the past 17 years, almost everything at Ericsson has changed, except of course for its corporate values. The business has shifted from a heavy analogue hardware equipment base to a

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Nina Macpherson, Anna Chehtova, Nina Macpherson (Ericsson) : Competition perspectives from the innovation frontier, septembre 2013, Concurrences N° 3-2013, Art. N° 53108,

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