Alternative enforcement techniques in EC competition law. GHEUR Charles et PETIT Nicolas (dir.), Bruylant, L.G.D.J., Fédération des entreprises de Belgique (FEB), 2009, 264 p.

Settlements, commitments and other novel instruments

Over the past decade, EC competition law has undergone a range of substantive reforms. Though most of the legal and economic issues arising from their implementation have now been settled, a new wave of reforms has just been passed.

These reforms, which will significantly remould the institutional architecture of the EC competition system, cover areas such as the promotion of private enforcement, settlements and leniency applications for hardcore infringements, commitment decisions, market inquiries and informal regulation through guidelines and guidance letters.

In order to assess them systematically and consistently, the Institute for European Legal Studies (IEJE) of the University of Liege and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) organised a joint conference in June 2008. This book comprises all the papers presented at the conference.