On the Merits : Current Issues in Competition Law and Policy - Liber Amirocum Peter Plompen

Paul Lugard, Leigh Hancher

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This collection of fifteen essays, already impressive in its range and depth of analysis, represents a considerable testament to the range and depth of Peter Plompen’s expertise, his unique contribution to the development of European and national competition law (a.k.a. anti-trust law) and policy over the lively 25 years of his tenure at Philips. It furthermore provides an analysis at once fascinating and critical of a field of law, the very dynamics of which contribute to offer major challenges to all those involved in it and with it, whether they are policy makers, practitioners, enforcers or indeed ‘consumers’ – general or in-house counsel, as well as the final consumers of the products and services offered by their firms. Any attempt to capture and systematically analyze these dynamics – ‘the shifting sands and troubled waters’ – the ‘remarkable journey towards convergence’ – to borrow from the titles of just two of the contributions to this Liber is a complex intellectual endeavour and practical challenge in its own right.


  • Baker Botts (Brussels)
  • University of Tilburg


Paul Lugard, Leigh Hancher, On the Merits : Current Issues in Competition Law and Policy - Liber Amirocum Peter Plompen, septembre 2005, Concurrences N° 3-2005, Art. N° 110429

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Date 12 mai 2005

Nombre de pages 258

ISBN 9789050954686

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