Interview conducted by Marquard Christen, Partner at CMS in Zurich and Mario Strebel, Partner at CORE in Zurich.

At the moment, various parliamentary motions are pending, addressing, among other things, the length of procedures in competition proceedings. In December 2022, for example, the Federal Administrative Court issued its ruling in the Air Cargo matter. The duration of the proceeding is currently sixteen years, and appeals are pending. Mid-January 2023, the same court published its ASCOPA ruling, fourteen years after the opening of the investigation by the Swiss Competition Commission (COMCO). At the end of November 2022, the Federal Supreme Court ruled on the SIX/DCC case after an overall duration of the proceeding of sixteen years. These examples seem to indicate that the corresponding political proposals are justified. Do you agree and, if so, are the intended changes pointing in the right

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