Michal Halperin (IAA) : The first goal is to strengthen enforcement against monopolies

Après une décennie dans le secteur privée, Michal Halperin a été nommée Directrice Générale de l’autorité israélienne de concurrence (IAA) en mars 2016. Dans cette interview, elle explique la politique de concurrence de l’IAA et ses défis actuels.

Interview réalisée par Tal Eyal-Bouger, Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co, Tel Aviv.

Ms. Halperin, you were appointed as the Director General of the Israel Antitrust Authority (IAA) in March 2016, after a decade in the private sector. From 2002 to 2006, you have served as the chief legal counsel of the Antitrust Authority. How did the IAA change while you were away ? The IAA has gotten much bigger—it is gone from around 70 employees to 120, has received new and wider powers, more enforcement tools (administrative sanctions) and devotes more time to competition advocaty before Government ministries. The focus of the IAA has also changed substantially. A decade ago the IAA was an enforcement agency that was responsible for enforcing the Antitrust Law. It was mainly focused on reviewing mergers and investigating violations of the Antitrust Law. Today the IAA sees itself as

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