The EU guidance on exclusionary abuses : A step forward or a missed opportunity ?

What does the Commission’s recent Communication on enforcement of Article 82 EC mean for companies ? Does it make enforcement more predictable ? Does the greater use of economic concepts reduce the risk that intense competition on the merits by the part of a dominant firm will be considered abusive ? This series of articles provides a critical assessment of the Communication. It offers a diverse range of opinions from enforcers, in-house counsels, practitioners and academics. The views expressed here are stricly personal.

PRESENTATION Francesco ROSATI Economist, Partner, Brussels 1. In December 2008, the European Commission issued a communication providing guidance on its enforcement priorities in applying Article 82 EC to exclusionary conduct by dominant firms (hereafter “the Communication”). The Communication is the result of a long elaboration process, as part of which the Commission published a Discussion Paper in December 2005, and held a public consultation process which yielded more than one hundred written comments. 2. The goals that the Commission had set itself when embarking on this project were ambitious and to some extent incompatible. The past approach towards exclusionary conduct, largely based on form-based rules and per se prohibitions, is considered by many excessively restrictive

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  • White & Case (Brussels)
  • French Polynesian Competition Authority (Papeete)
  • International Airlines Group (London)
  • Intel (Brussels)
  • Allen & Overy (Paris)
  • Jones Day (Washington)
  • ENSAE Paris-Tech
  • RBB Economics (Paris)
  • Hellenic Competition Commission (Athens)
  • White & Case (Brussels)


Assimakis Komninos, Ioannis Lianos, Francesco Rosati, Philippe Choné, Geoffrey D. Oliver, Florence Ninane, Hendrick Bourgeois, Niamh McCarthy, Johanne Peyre, James Killick, The EU guidance on exclusionary abuses : A step forward or a missed opportunity ?, mai 2009, Concurrences N° 2-2009, Art. N° 25872, pp. 9-39

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