Rachel Brandenburger (DOJ) & Randy Tritell (FTC) : Global antitrust policies - How wide is the gap ?

Text is based on a panel discussion with Rachel Brandenburger, Randy Tritell, and Ewoud Sakkers, that was held on 6 September 2011 moderated by Mark Gidley, Partner, White and Case, Washington DC, New York. The answers of Ewoud Sakkers, Head of Unit, DG COMP, could not have been reproduced.

M. G. What is your view of the current state, and future, of convergence between U.S. and Europe on antitrust policy and approaches ? To take one example, there has been a recent outbreak of new – and similar – horizontal merger guidelines on both sides of the Atlantic. Is this merely coincidence or indicative of international convergence at work ? R. B. I would like to start by saying it is a great pleasure to share this panel with such distinguished colleagues and to be here to discuss the current state, and the future, of global antitrust policies ; I thank Concurrences very much for this opportunity. I can say, without reservation, that the U.S.-EU relationship is an ongoing success story in terms of both competition policy and enforcement. The two U.S. antitrust agencies (the

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