The interface between intellectual property rights and competition policy

Steven D. Anderman

The purpose of this book is to examine the experience of a number of countries in grappling with the problems of reconciling the two fields of competition policy and intellectual property rights. The first part of the book indicates the variation in legislative models as well as the wide variety of judicial and administrative doctrines that have been used. The jurisdictions selected for study are the three major trading blocks with the longest experience of case law (the EU, the USA and Japan) and three less populous countries with open economies (Australia, Ireland and Singapore). In the second part of the book we look at a number of issues closely related to the interface between competition law and intellectual property rights. Separate chapters analyse the issue of parallel trading and exhaustion of IPRs, the issue of technology transfer, and the economics of the interface between intellectual property and competition law.

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  • General Court of the European Union (Luxembourg)


Jérôme Gstalter, The interface between intellectual property rights and competition policy, février 2008, Concurrences N° 1-2008, Art. N° 15447, pp. 223-224

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