Innovation Markets and Competition Analysis : EU Competition Law and US Antitrust Law

Marcus Glader

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This book examines the legal standards – and their underlying economic rationale – for the protection of competition in the innovation process, in both European competition law and American antitrust law.

Apart from relevant regulatory frameworks, the author also reviews a range of case laws, which assess whether a transaction or unilateral conduct would limit market participants’ incentives and abilities for continued innovation and future competition. At the centre of this study is the innovation market concept. This concept entails the delineation, for purposes of antitrust analysis, of an upstream market for competing R&D. Questions of market definition, the assessment of innovation competition in defined markets, the role of efficiencies in the appraisal of transactions and possible remedies to alleviate anti-competitive effects are also explored.

Updating the field of research in light of new developments and broadening and deepening the categorization and analysis of the innovation market area, this book will be of great interest to academics, practitioners and consultants, and also public policymakers.



Marcus Glader, Innovation Markets and Competition Analysis : EU Competition Law and US Antitrust Law, février 2007, Concurrences N° 1-2007, Art. N° 110379

Éditeur Edward Elgar Publishing

Date 27 septembre 2006

Nombre de pages 360

ISBN 9781845426071

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