Alain Jeunemaître

CNRS, CNRS/Ecole polytechnique
Economist, Professor

Alain Jeunemaître is Director of Research at the CNRS and Ecole polytechnique. He holds a fellowhip position at the Said Business School and Centre for Social Legal Studies, University of Oxford. Jointly with Hervé Dumez, he has been working on competition and regulatory policies in different industries (cement, financial markets, high tech, air traffic control, Internet, defence industry). They have published books at Le Seuil, Palgrave, Oxford University Press and papers in scientific journals in law and economics. Both have carried out expertise for the European Commission, Eurocontrol, British and French law firms, and industries.

Auteurs associés

Ecole Polytechnique IZA and CREST-INSEE
French Institute for Agronomic Research - INRA (Paris)
Centre de recherche en Gestion - Polytechnique


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