William E. Kovacic : An Antitrust Tribute Liber Amicorum - Volume II, Nicolas CHARBIT, Elisa RAMUNDO, Anna PAVLIK, Jessica REBARBER

Nicolas Charbit, Anna Pavlik, Jessica Rebarber

In the wake of William E. Kovacic Liber Amicorum -An Antitrust Tribute - Volume I, this Volume II provides, in the European tradition of Liber Amicorum, 27 contributions from 37 prominent authors spanning various antitrust topics across the world.

In this Volume II, the authors pay tribute to Bill Kovacic’s antitrust career tackling issues such as the international convergence and cooperation, agencies performance and effectiveness, cartels criminalization, vertical restraints, leniency policies, etc. Volume II sheds a light over the antitrust law world offering a unique combination of theoretical insights, practical knowledge, together with some more personal remarks on Bill Kovacic’s antitrust career. See the full list of contributors and table of contents.


  • Dentons (Washington)
  • United First Partners (New York)
  • Concurrences (London)

Éditeur Concurrences

Date 9 septembre 2014

Nombre de pages 530