Global Dictionary of Competition Law

Deborah Healey, William Kovacic, Pablo Trevisán, Richard Whish (eds.)

The Global Dictionary of Competition Law is a dictionary dedicated to competition law worldwide, edited by Professors Deborah Healey (University of New South Wales), Bill Kovacic (George Washington University), Pablo Trevisán (IDC - Instituto de Derecho de la Competencia), and Richard Whish (King’s College London). As the first dictionary of its kind, written entirely by competition law experts, it brings together over 250 definitions essential for a complete understanding of global competition law, economics, and policy.

The authors of the definitions come from different backgrounds and include academics, economists, enforcers, practitioners, and in-house counsels. For each term, the reader can find a complete definition by its author, which includes case references and a bibliography. An official definition as provided by institutions such as the European Commission or the OECD is also made available.

The dictionary is available in free access, in electronic version, here. It is periodically enriched with definitions received from authors.

The printed version of the work will be published soon.

A second French-language dictionary, the "Dictionnaire de droit de la concurrence", edited by Professor Muriel Chagny, covers competition law in France and the European Union.


  • University of New South Wales (Sydney)
  • United Kingdom’s Competition Authority - CMA (London)
  • Instituto de Derecho de la Competencia
  • King’s College (London)

Éditeur Concurrences

Date 1er janvier 1900

Nombre de pages 500

ISBN 978-1-939007-05-6