Competition Law on the Global Stage : David Gerber’s Global Competition Law in Perspective

David Gerber, Nicolas Charbit

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Since 2004, the Institute of Competition Law has focused its attention and devoted its efforts on stimulating antitrust dialogue across the world through publications and conferences.

The Institute of Competition Law had the privilege to collect contributions of the "Global Competition Law Conference," organized by Professors David Gerber and Sungjoon Cho, held on October 28, 2011 at Chicago-Kent College of Law. The Conference’s goals to expand the discussion on the future of competition law on the global level fully embody the Institute’s mission.

This collating volume includes ten contributions signed by prominent antitrust practitioners and academics. Readers will be offered the opportunity to explore the various views on the current and future developments of competition law on the global level as enlightened by David J. Gerber, Eleanor M. Fox, William E. Kovacic, David A. Hyman, Xiaoye Wang, Laurence Idot, Spencer Weber Waller, Andre Fiebig, Javier Cortazar-Mora, Wentong Zheng and Mor Bakhoum.

See the full list of contributors and table of contents.


  • Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Concurrences (Paris)

Éditeur Concurrences

Date 11 novembre 2013

Nombre de pages 174

ISBN 978-1-939007-20-9