Voir la traduction en français The Tech Antitrust Conference

Palo Alto

The Tech Antitrust Conference

The inaugural “Tech Antitrust Conference” organized by Concurrences in partnership with Clifford Chance and Compass Lexecon took place in Palo Alto on January 20th, 2023.

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Panel 1 - Global M&A: What Counsel Should Know About Merger Control

Douglas Melamed (Scholar in Residence, Stanford Law School) moderated the first panel. The U.S. antitrust agencies are highly critical of their predecessor’s implementation of U.S. antitrust law, which they view as too lax. They intend to move in a more aggressive direction. Question asked to the panel members was: "Has the new US antitrust agencies’ policy led to any significant changes in antitrust enforcement, in particular in the area of mergers?"

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  • Compass Lexecon (Washington)
  • Autodesk (San Rafael)
  • Clifford Chance (Washington)
  • TikTok (New York)
  • Clifford Chance (Dusseldorf)
  • Office of the California State Attorney General (San Francisco)
  • Clifford Chance (Washington)
  • Compass Lexecon (Washington)
  • Intel (San Jose)
  • Oracle (San Francisco)
  • Cisco (San Francisco)
  • Stanford University
  • Spotify (New York)
  • Pinterest (San Francisco)
  • Clifford Chance (Washington)
  • Japan Fair Trade Commission (Tokyo)
  • European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
  • UK Competition & Markets Authority - CMA (London)
  • Compass Lexecon (London)
  • US Department of Justice (Washington)