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IP & Antitrust : Hot Issues #2

2nd Webinar of the "IP & Antitrust : Hot Issues" 2022 Conference organised by Concurrences, in partnership with Axinn, Baker Botts, Orrick and Oxera. Keynote speech by Christine Wilson (Commissioner, FTC). Panel with Adrian Howes (Head of IP & Standards - IP Regulatory Affairs, Nokia), Michael L. Keeley (Partner, Axinn), Paul Lugard (Partner, Baker Botts), Florian Mueller (Founder, Foss Patents), Renato Nazzini (Professor, King’s College London) and Gunnar Niels (Partner, Oxera).

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Christine Wilson pointed out that the 20th century has seen many technological advances. In particular, Joseph Brodley observed that the efficiency of innovation or technological progress is the most important factor in the growth of real output in the US and the rest of the industrialised world. However, the pursuit of innovation should not be taken for granted and the government should refrain from adopting policies that will impede innovation. This is particularly important where intellectual property is at stake. There are also interoperability and performance standards that are essential for technological development. Indeed, without standard essential patents (SEPs), coupled with FRAND safeguards, we would lack a framework to encourage investment in innovation and the implementation of new technologies. Thus, SEPs and FRAND policy must strike a healthy balance between the interests of those who create the innovations embodied in standards and those who implement those standards.

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  • US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (Washington)
  • FOSS Patents
  • King’s College London
  • Baker Botts (Brussels)
  • Nokia (London)
  • Axinn Veltrop & Harkrider (Washington)
  • Oxera (Oxford)