Great Antitrust Lawyers: Mark Gidley (White & Case)

Interview of Mark Gidley, Partner at White & Case (Washington, DC), by Nicolas Charbit, Chief Editor at Concurrences. This interview is part of the "Great Antitrust Lawyers Project".

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Nicolas Charbit

Mark, welcome to this very first session of Concurrences Great Antitrust Lawyers Project. The aim of this series is for young lawyers to get a view on what is like working in the antitrust field and to get some practical advice from the most advanced lawyers. We are proud and honored to lunch this project with you today.

Mark Gidley

Thank you.

Nicolas Charbit

Could you start to tell us how you first came to antitrust law, the reason for you to join this field?

Mark Gidley

I think I really got into antitrust at a different law firm than the one I work at now, Vinson & Elkins, and was in their Business Litigation Section. They had a series of antitrust cases, so I got involved then. I fell in love with it. I thought it was an interesting area of law.

They sent me to the ABA Spring Meeting, and there I had lunch with one of my former colleagues at Davis Polk, a great law firm that I was privileged to start with, and all of a sudden the next thing I knew I was working in the Justice Department based on the strength of a lunch that I had over the Antitrust Spring Meeting.

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