Energy security, competition and environment: is there any consistency?

Law & Economics Workshop organized by Concurrences Review in partnership with Microeconomix, Observatoire Énergies d’Entreprises and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer.


Emmanuel Profit

The Corporate Energy Observatory is a place for reflection and analysis to understand the dominant trends in the world of energy, the risks and opportunities related to technical developments and thus provide useful insights for companies that consume energy. Energy security, competition and the environment are its three flagship areas, with an increasing number of regulations.

Jérôme Philippe

The conference will address four themes: the requirements linked respectively to energy security, competition and the environment, but also the question of articulation and coherence between the three.

The environmental requirement is linked to the evolution of economic models and available energy sources. The freezing (shale gas) or capping (nuclear) of certain forms of energy forces us to look for alternatives. The Energy Transition Act sets precise and ambitious objectives: considerable reduction of emissions, reduction in the consumption of certain forms of energy, increase in the production of other forms. State intervention is certain, but to an as yet undetermined degree of dirigisme.

Photos © Léo-Paul Ridet.

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