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Do We Need New Forms of Cooperation ? Higher Level Governance ?

3e webinaire “Antitrust in Developing & Emerging Economies : New Challenges in Public Interest, Big Tech, and Regionalism” organisé par Concurrences en partenariat avec White & Case. Le troisième panel “Do We Need New Forms of Cooperation ? Higher Level Governance ?” était composé de Maria Coppola (Directeur par intérim, Office of International Affairs, FTC), Michal Halperin (Senior Fellow, Mossavar-Rahmani Center, Kennedy School of Government, Former Head of Israel Competition Authority ), Willard Mwemba (chief executive officer, COMESA Competition Commission), George Paul (Associé, White & Case), et Frédéric Jenny (Président, OECD Competition Committee). Le “Wrap-Up : New York & Capetown Minute” avec Dennis Davis (Ancien Juge, Competition Appeal Court of South Africa), Harry First (Professeur, New York University School of Law) et Eleanor Fox (Professeur, New York University School of Law).

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Frédéric Jenny framed the discussion of higher-level cooperation, particularly in the digital sector. He started by taking a historical perspective on the development of cooperation in the field of competition. In a first phase, experienced competition authorities helped young competition authorities at a time of rapid increase in the number of countries with competition. They provided advice on how to investigate and conduct competition analysis. In a second phase, the development of international trade resulted in interpenetration between national markets. As a result, competition in a domestic market could be restricted by firms established abroad where the national competition authority of the country of the affected market could not investigate. This phenomenon inspired authorities to cooperate through information exchange. Such exchanges helped national competition authorities gather the proof they needed to enforce their domestic laws. We are now in the third phase ; now digital markets are borderless. Each country is only a small fraction of the whole market. Solutions can no longer be found at a local level. Global cooperation on cases is needed, but agency cooperation has not adequate tools to further deepen their cooperation.

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