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DMA : What are the next steps ?

The “DMA: What are the next steps?” webinar, organised by Concurrences in partnership with Frontier Economics with Antoine Babinet (DMA Task Force, DG COMP, Brussels) and David Foster (Director, Frontier Economics, New York University School of Law).

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Antoine Babinet underlined that since November 1st the DMA has entered into force. It is therefore appropriate to mention the timing of the application of the text because it is now possible to set dates for the next steps. The 6 months period before the DMA rules become applicable has started and will allow some preparation time for all companies that will be affected by the DMA and also for the Commission. After these 6 months, the DMA will become applicable. This will then trigger a two-month period during which companies providing core platform services that meet the quantitative thresholds set out in the DMA are under an obligation to notify their core platform services to the Commission (the deadline for these notifications is 3 July 2023). Once the Commission will have received complete notifications it will have 45 working days to review these notifications and adopt designation decisions (the deadline for adopting these decisions will be September 6, 2023). The gatekeepers will then have another 6 months to continue working on their compliance with the text. They will need to comply with all DMA obligations by March 2024.

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