Dîner en l’honneur de Tommaso Valletti

Dîner organisé par la Revue Concurrences en l’honneur de Tommaso Valleti en partenariat avec Compass Lexecon.

Jorge Padilla

Jorge introduced Tommaso Valletti, a professor of economics and a supporter of Torino. More importantly, Jorge said, Tommaso is a sophisticated economist. This is an important quality for there is much value in doing sophisticated economics, rigorous economic analysis and using empirical methods. Jorge gave as an example of rigorous and solid economics the appendix published in the GE/Alstom decision.

With a background in telecommunications, Tommaso has written about access prices, net neutrality, but more generally he has been passionate about economics. He belongs to a community of Industrial Organization (IO) economists in Europe that has been pushing research in IO economics around the world. And, if there is an area of economics where Europe excels, and is apart from the US, is IO economics. Jorge described Tommaso as one of the leading experts in the field.

Tommaso Valletti

The views expressed in this presentation are personal, and do not necessarily represent those of DG Competition or of the European Commission.

Photos © Emilie Gomez.

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