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Competition Investigations 2017

Conference organized by Concurrences Review in partnership with Deloitte and Mayer Brown.


Reception and opening

Nathalie Jalabert Doury

The subject of surveys still mobilizes practitioners and this is not surprising. The investigative powers of competition authorities have been in place for a long time, but they are regularly modified and reshaped by case law. Moreover, a competition investigation always remains a mobilizing and disruptive event for the company, with the potential of a procedure before the Competition Authority or the Commission, with all that this entails as a risk for the company (fine, civil action, involvement of individuals, media aspects, etc.). It is therefore important to have the right reflexes.

We will take stock of the practice of the authorities with André Marie before benefiting from the insight of a more than distinguished panel on the fairness of evidence in competition investigations. Finally, we will address the subject of internal investigations, which are increasingly frequent on these subjects and raise specific issues. But before that, we have the honor and pleasure of welcoming Thierry Dahan to introduce our morning. I am particularly pleased that he is taking part in our event. While investigations are not the responsibility of the Authority’s college but of its investigative services, it is important that the college follow this subject closely given its importance for the respect of the rights of defence, which is clearly the case.

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