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Antitrust Horizon - Meet the Enforcers: Olivier Guersent & Andreas Mundt

The first edition of the new event "Antitrust Horizon: Meet the Enforcers" organised by Concurrences, in partnership with Clifford Chance and Compass Lexecon took place in Brussels on November 15, 2022. This new event format will provide each year with an opportunity to listen and ask questions to key EU and national enforcers.

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Milena Robotham and Lorenzo Coppi moderated the discussion.

Olivier Guersent

The first topic addressed by Olivier Guersent concerns digital enforcement. The Commission has started to implement the DMA. Indeed, the first tranche of staff planned by the co-legislators has been made available. This implementation will also involve several structural changes in both DG COMP and DG CONNECT, which are jointly implementing the text. In this context, three important messages should be highlighted. The first one is that competition law is flexible but not a panacea. The second one is that the DMA still leaves a clear space for complementarity with the application of competition law. The third one is that the Commission needs to make the best possible use of its toolbox, which requires, among other things, good coordination.

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  • Clifford Chance (Brussels)
  • European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
  • German Competition Authority (Bonn)
  • Compass Lexecon (London)