Antitrust Compliance Awards #2 How to Prevent Antitrust Breaches ? Fostering a Culture of Compliance

2ème webinaire des « Antitrust Compliance Awards » 2021 organisé par Concurrences, en partenariat avec Axinn et ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law, avec Majid Charania (Director of Compliance, Competition Bureau Canada), Maria Coppola (Counsel for International Antitrust, US FTC), Lisl J. Dunlop (Avocate associée, Axinn), Gönenç Gürkaynak (Avocat associé, ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law) et Dina Kallay (Head of Antitrust, Ericsson).

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Lisl Dunlop introduced the panel and the notion of a culture of antitrust compliance. Competition authorities have focused on the need for such a culture, not just having an antitrust policy. For DG Comp, for example, stated that « any credible compliance program must be built on a firm foundation of management commitment and supported by a ‘top-down’ compliance culture. » Having a culture of compliance has become an important factor for companies, as well as in the broader business community. Tone at the top needs to be complemented with appropriate training and tools to ensure efficient compliance. One example of a program that furthers a culture of compliance is a compliance champion program, which designates several business people to take leadership for antitrust compliance. There is a need to develop a reward system for people who fulfil the organisation’s commitment to compliance.

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