8th Bill Kovacic Antitrust Salon: Digital in a post-COVID Era: Are we going towards a regulated industry?

This webinar was organized by Concurrences, in partnership with Axinn, Clifford Chance, Charles River Associates, Cornerstone Research, EconONE, Freshfields, and Orrick, with Ian Conner (Bureau of Competition | U.S. Federal Trade Commission), Cristina Caffarra (CRA), Eliana Garces-Tolon (Facebook), James Tierney (Orrick), Barry Nigro (US Department of Justice) and John Harkrider (Axinn).

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The moderator, John Harkrider (Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider) opened the panel by noting a global demand for antitrust regulation, particularly for digital platforms in Europe. On the flip side, Google, Amazon, and Facebook offer products at low prices, and Apple, though not cheap, offers great products that many consumers enjoy. When looking at Google, Amazon and Facebook, Mr. Harkrider stated that the prices of online ads and rates seem to be declining while their output, effectiveness, and relevance are increasing. Turning first to Cristina Caffarra (Charles River Associates), Mr. Harkrider asked what is driving the push for regulation and whether Covid-19 may have had an impact.

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