Voir la version originale en français Données personnelles, plateformes et concurrence : quelle régulation par le droit de la concurrence ?


Personal data, online platforms and competition law enforcement

Workshop organized by Concurrences Review in partnership with DLA Piper and MAPP.

Édouard Sarrazin

How can we deal with market power based on the possession of personal data?

Because the market power provided by data collection can be established extremely quickly, the length of competition investigations is an issue.

The theme is very rich and appears in a context of strong and dynamic growth of the digital economy, characterized by permanent innovation. This has been criticised because of the emergence of new monopolies based on a platform model which, in the words of President Lasserre, "claim to be libertarian, against the States". Personal data is an important intangible asset, the real fuel of these new economic models. It has always had value, but in a digital and connected world, the scale has changed: it has become an essential tool for understanding consumer needs and offering them improved services. Faced with the competition concerns raised by these developments, many authorities have taken up the issue (European Data Protection Supervisor, European Commission, UK CMA, French Senate), with different angles of approach but the same desire to grasp the phenomenon.

Photos © Léo-Paul Ridet.

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  • European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
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  • DLA Piper (Paris)
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