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IP & Antitrust : Hot Issues #2

2nd Webinar of the "IP & Antitrust : Hot Issues" 2022 Conference organised by Concurrences, in partnership with Axinn, Baker Botts, Orrick and Oxera. Keynote speech by Christine Wilson (Commissioner, FTC). Panel with Adrian Howes (Head of IP & Standards - IP Regulatory Affairs, Nokia), Michael L. Keeley (Partner, Axinn), Paul Lugard (Partner, Baker Botts), Florian Mueller (Founder, Foss Patents), Renato Nazzini (Professor, King’s College London) and Gunnar Niels (Partner, Oxera).

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Concurrences articles

1. Wouter Wils, Procedural rights and obligations of third parties in antitrust investigations and proceedings by the European Commission, May 2022

2. David Golden, The US DOJ and PTO propose limits on standard essential patent market power by requesting courts shift remedies from injunctions to damages, 6 December 2021

3. Katharina Bongs, The EU Court of Justice orders the removal of a request for a preliminary ruling by the Regional Court of Dusseldorf regarding the licensing of standard essential patents in multi-layered supply chains (Nokia / Daimler), 24 June 2021

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  • US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (Washington)
  • FOSS Patents
  • King’s College (London)
  • Baker Botts (Brussels)
  • Nokia (London)
  • Axinn Veltrop & Harkrider (Washington)