Fireside Chat: What can, and should, the US and EU antitrust authorities do about Tech Giants?

This webinar was organized by Concurrences, Bates White, and White & Case, with Rohit Chopra (US Federal Trade Commission), Andreas Mundt (German Competition Authority), Frédéric Jenny (OECD Competition Committee), and Jacquelyn MacLennan (White & Case).

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The moderator, Frédéric Jenny (OECD Competition Committee), began the discussion by introducing the panelists and giving an overview of the debate around some of the current issues on enforcing competition law in the United States and the European Union. First, he pointed to the question of whether enforcers should regulate the behavior of gatekeepers ex ante or ex post merger, and if so, what kind of enforcement would be useful. Second, whether European competition authorities have sufficient tools and framework to regulate the digital world, and whether there is a risk of overenforcement. He first turned to the head of the German competition authority for his thoughts.

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  • US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (Washington)
  • German Competition Authority (Bonn)
  • ESSEC Business School (Cergy)
  • White & Case (Brussels)