Digital and Competition #3 What can digital antitrust learn from Business & Management Science ?

3ème webinaire de la conférence « Numérique et concurrence 2021 » organisé par Concurrences, avec Avantika Chowdury (Associée, Oxera), Amelia Fletcher (Professeur, University of East Anglia), Marco Iansiti (Professeur, Harvard Business School) et David Teece (Executive Chairman, BRG).

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Avantika Chowdury started by reminding the particular degree of scrutiny set on digital platforms by the antitrust community in recent years, with different outlooks depending on the jurisdictions. Several issues have arisen in the platforms debate, along with the notions of tipping markets, contestability, and fairness. This panel aims at reflecting on the business rationale of platforms, their incentives and their management strategies towards growth. She also pointed out that match-making is at the core of platforms activity – they connect consumers to businesses, information to those that seek it, app developers to app users, etc. Therefore, the quality of the match is the quality of the service in the platform economy. This should be taken into account in any regulatory assessment.

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  • University of East Anglia (Norwich)
  • Harvard Business School
  • Oxera (London)
  • Berkeley Research Group (San Francisco)