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Concurrences Paris New Office Inauguration & Books Signature

Cocktail reception organized by Concurrences to celebrate its 15-Year Anniversary and Inauguration of its new Paris offices. Concurrences books signature and opening of the "Law and Antitrust" photo exhibition.

Photographs Exhibit: Law and Antitrust. This commission carried out for Concurrences includes 18 photographs. These artworks represent Concurrences DNA. They are inspired by the company’s color codes: red, grey and black. This graphic vision symbolizes law, justice, judgment, legislation, power, decision, authority, States, commerce and exchanges. The images presented under the form of diptychs and triptychs underline these keywords and translate the entanglement of these concepts associated with the field of antitrust and competition. These images are an artistic illustration of competition/antitrust terms. They were carried out after a series of exchanges with Concurrences teams in Paris, New York and London. Photographs of the exhibition appear in colors in the album below. © Benjamin Edeline

Reception Photos © Léo-Paul Ridet

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