Antitrust in Asia #4 Policy & Legal Developments in Mainland China & Hong Kong : Mergers, Cooperation, Dominance, Digital…

4ème webinaire de la conférence « Antitrust in Asia » 2021, organisé par Concurrences, en partenariat avec Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Competition Association et l’ESSEC Business School avec Rasul Butt (Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Competition Commission), Winston Kiang (Asia Pacific Japan Regional Competition Counsel, Intel). Peggy Leung (Regional Head of Competition Law, Asia Pacific, HSBC), Marcus Pollard (Counsel, Linklaters). Richard Rinkema (Lead Counsel, Asia Competition Law & Policy, Microsoft), Yan Yu (Partner, RBB Economics) et Sandra Marco Colino (Professeure Associée, The Chinese University of Hong Kong).

La règle du Chatham House s’applique à ce webinaire.

- Interview de Rasul Butt, par Sandra Marco Colino : Accessible pour tous (voir ci-dessus)

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Sandra Marco Colino, the moderator of the session, pointed to the major recent developments in Mainland China and Hong Kong competition law. She highlighted that these young jurisdictions (the AML has been in force since 2008, while the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance came into full effect in 2015) are having to deal with emerging global and local challenges. Prof. Marco Colino was keen to hear the panellists’ perspectives on the most significant developments of the last 12 months, with particular emphasis on the application of competition law to the digital economy (whether dealing with it requires new tools and/or theories of harm, the impact on the consumer welfare standard, and the interaction of competition law with other goals…), the development of advocacy and compliance programs, and the future of competition law in these jurisdictions.

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  • Hong Kong Competition Commission
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Intel (Hong Kong)
  • RBB Economics (Melbourne)
  • Microsoft (Singapore)
  • Linklaters (Hong Kong)
  • HSBC (Hong Kong)