Concurrences Ph.D. Thesis Awards

The Concurrences PhD. Awards are aimed at selecting and publishing the best thesis on specific topics in competition/regulation law or economics, excluding works on more general subjects, such as treatises and manuals. Where possible, Concurrences grants every year two PhD. Awards: PhD. Award in Competition Law, and, PhD. Award in Competition and Economics. Law theses must concern EU competition law, the law in member States, or law in States linked by cooperation agreements to the EU, as well as comparative law research with a European dimension.

Only PhD theses are eligible, not Master theses. Theses must have been defended between 1st March 2021 and 1st March 2022. The language can either be English or French.

Applications for the PhD. Awards are opened from 1st February 2022 to 1st May 2022

The winners of the 2022 PhD. Award will be posted on this page and will be announced at the New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference 2022.

Theses eligible for the Concurrences PhD. Award in Law shall not have been published. They shall not be covered by a publishing contract or a preferential right granted to another publisher. Until the Jury has made its decision public, candidates shall neither enter into a publishing contract with another publisher nor grant a preferential right to another publisher. This condition does not apply to the theses eligible for the Concurrences PhD Award in Economics can have been published by chapter or be covered by a publishing contract granted to another publisher.

Should the Jury decide to make candidates an offer to publish their thesis, candidates commit themselves to publish their work with Concurrences. Any print or online version of the theses awarded a prize shall mention the Concurrences PhD. Award on their cover page.

PhD. Awards dotation

  • Publication at no cost of the thesis in the Concurrences collection directed by Professor Laurence Idot
  • Presentation of the thesis at the New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference
  • Publication of an article in Concurrences Review
  • One-Year free subscription to Concurrences+

Law Ph.D. Award Jury Members (2022)

Economics Ph.D. Award Jury Members (2022)

  • Damien Neven (President) | Professor, The Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies (Geneva)
  • Griet Jans | Chief Economist, Belgian Competition Authority
  • Patrick Rey | Professor, Toulouse School of Economics
  • Thibaud Vergé | Professor, ENSAE

2022 Law PhD. Awards

  • Friso Bostoen, "Abuse of platform power: Leveraging conduct in digital markets under EU competition law and beyond", KU Leuven University.
  • Sophia Xue Bai, "Reform of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises: What China Can Learn from the Practice of Competitive Neutrality Policy in Australia", University of New South Wales.

2022 Eco PhD. Award

  • Morgane Guignard, "Bargaining Power, Competition and Innovation", Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

2021 Law PhD. Award

2021 Eco PhD. Award

  • Timo Klein, "Essays in Competition Economics", Amsterdam University.

2020 Law PhD. Award

2020 Eco PhD. Award

2019 PhD. Award

2018 PhD. Award

2017 PhD. Award

2016 PhD. Award

2015 PhD. Awards

  • Anna Pisarkiewicz, "Evolving Forms of Abuse of Dominant Position in the Electronic Communications Sector", European University Institute, Florence
  • Damien Reymond, "Action antidumping et droit de la concurrence dans l’Union européenne", University Panthéon-Assas, Paris II

2013 PhD. Awards

  • Rafael Amaro, "Le contentieux privé des pratiques anticoncurrentielles. Etude des contentieux complémentaire et autonome devant les juridictions judiciaires", University Paris V-René Descartes
  • Michael J. Frese, "Sanctions in EU Competition Law: Principles and Practice", Amsterdam University

2012 PhD. Award

  • Martijn Han, "Vertical relations in cartel theory", Amsterdam University

2011 PhD. Awards

  • Jérôme Gstalter, "Droit de la concurrence et droits de propriété intellectuelle", University Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris I
  • Claire Mongouachon, "Abus de position dominante et secteur public", Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense
  • Silvia Pietrini, "L’action collective en droit des pratiques anticoncurrentielles", University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

2008 PhD. Award

  • Anne-Lise Sibony, "Le juge et le raisonnement économique en droit de la concurrence", University Paris-Dauphine

2007 PhD. Award

  • David Bosco, "L’obligation d’exclusivité", University Aix Marseille

2005 PhD. Award

  • Laetitia Driguez, "Droit social et droit de la concurrence", University Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris I