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Whistleblowers & Antitrust: An overview of EU and national case law

A. Introduction 1. Enforcement against cartels [1] has been a constant and avowed aim of competition policy in the European Union. The European Commission’s Annual Report on Competition Policy 2020 states: ‘Cartels are the most serious form of competition infringements and cause significant harm to both consumers and the economy as a whole. They can lead to inflated prices, limit consumer choices and restrict innovation. The Commission’s enforcement against hard core cartels prevents companies from profiting from such illegal arrangements and ensures a level playing field for business.’ [2] 2. The European Commission recognises in its report that ‘infringements of competition law go against the interests of EU citizens, leading to significantly higher costs for consumers and a risk of

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  • Claire Harris Antitrust (Oxford)


Claire Harris, Whistleblowers & Antitrust : An overview of EU and national case law, 17 mars 2022, e-Competitions Whistleblowers & Antitrust, Art. N° 105120

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