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Sports and Antitrust Law in the US: An overview of leading cases

I. Introduction The application of competition laws to sports has a long tradition in the United States and increasingly is becoming a major focus of the EU Member States and the EU Commission. But it would be naïve to assume that the enforcement or substantive application of U.S. and EU antitrust and competition laws will converge as these cases are addressed and resolved. Indeed, in comparing the U.S. and EU enforcement systems and substantive decisions as they relate to sports, the most striking conclusion is just how different the U.S. experience is in relation to the emergent application of competition law to sports by Member States and the Commission. One of the main objectives of this Special Issue to highlight those differences, which are found primarily in the private

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  • Fordham Competition Law Institute - FCLI (New York)


James A. Keyte, Sports and Antitrust Law in the US : An overview of leading cases, 11 septembre 2014, e-Competitions US Sports, Art. N° 67683

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