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UK competition class actions: an overview of national case law in the first five years

1. Introduction On 1 October 2015, the UK introduced a class action procedure for competition claims. [1] Following a public consultation on the proposed new regime, the Government summed up its decision to introduce an opt-out mechanism as follows: “…it is very clear that the current system of collective redress [which does not include an opt-out class action procedure] does not work. Consumers are not currently getting redress for breaches of competition law… Consumer groups have been clear that they would not take another case under an opt-in system… It is also clear that… there are some cases that could only ever be brought on an opt-out basis…”. [2] In the consultation process, the UK Government also noted that business groups had different concerns, including that an opt-out mechanism

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Kenny Henderson, Jessica Foley, Devina Shah, UK competition class actions : an overview of national case law in the first five years, 15 octobre 2020, e-Competitions UK Class actions, Art. N° 96976

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