The EU Commission decides that incompatible aid was granted by the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs to a private company that produces milk, meat, and cereals (Tartu Agro)

Lease Contracts and Competitive Selection*Introduction After receiving a complaint, the Commission opened a formal investigation into alleged State aid granted by the Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs to AS Tartu Agro, a private limited company, which produced milk, meat and cereals. According to the complaint, the Ministry had granted unlawful State aid to AS Tartu Agro by renting to it through a lease contract agricultural land in the region of Tartumaa at rates which were below market level. The Commission concluded the investigation by adopting decision 2021/104 in which it concluded that incompatible aid had been granted even though AS Tartu Agro was selected on the basis of a procurement procedure. [1] According to the decision, “(15) the lease contract with AS Tartu Agro

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