The EU Commission approves compensation provided by the UK to the incumbent postal operator for the extra costs of the public services provided for the 2018 - 2021 period (Post Office)

Compensation for Public Service ObligationsIntroduction Every three years the UK determines the compensation it provides to the Post Office Limited (POL) for the extra costs of the public services it provides. Commission decision SA.48224 approved the compensation for the next three-year period ending in 2021. The Commission found it to be compatible with Article 106(2) TFEU. [1] It is worth recalling that the compensation that was approved in 2012 by the Commission was the first that was assessed under the 2012 EU Framework on services of general economic interest (SGEI). POL is a state-owned company that provides a wide range of postal, basic financial and other services through its nationwide network of 11600 post office branches. POL owns and managed directly about 337 (3%) of

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