The EU Commission approves public aid in the form of services of general economic interest compensation (Bornholm Airport)

Introduction In Bornholm Airport the European Commission has declared the PSO compensation granted by the Danish authorities to the Bornholm Airport compatible with the internal market on the ground of the SGEI exception [1]. Agreeing with Denmark, the Commission viewed the Bornholm Airport as a genuine service of general economic interest (SGEI) and stated that the under scrutiny public aid met the compatibility conditions laid down by the SGEI Framework for the granting of the SGEI exception in Article 106(2) TFEU. The facts of the case The Bornholm Airport is a small regional airport in the Danish island of Bornholm. Since 2014 an SGEI was entrusted to the airport by a contract concluded between the manager of the airport and the Danish authorities (the Entrustment Act). In 2016 the

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