The EU General Court considers the scope of public service obligations (Jørgen Andersen)

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The scope of public service obligations* Introduction 18 January 2017, the General Court delivered its judgment in case T-92/11 RENV, Jørgen Andersen v European Commission. [1] Mr Andersen appealed against Commission Decision 2011/3 which concluded that public service contracts between the Danish Ministry of Transport and Danske Statsbaner [DSB], the incumbent train operator, contained State aid which was, under conditions specified by the Commission, compatible with the internal market. In 2013, the General Court annulled part of the Commission decision on grounds that the Commission should have applied Regulation 1191/69 instead of Regulation 1370/2007 to determine the compatibility of the aid. The Commission appealed and in 2015 the Court of Justice set aside the judgment of the

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Phedon Nicolaides, The EU General Court considers the scope of public service obligations (Jørgen Andersen), 18 janvier 2017, e-Competitions State aid and Service of General Economic Interest, Art. N° 83403

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