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Sport & exclusivity: a synthesis of national case laws

Introduction to national case laws: Overview of the European Union case-law An indication of the different aspects that the concept of sport involves, and its consequences over the legal rules to be applied, has been given by the European Court of Justice in 1974 [1]. At this occasion, a strict dichotomy has been made between the economic concerns linked to the sporting events and the “social and educational dimension” of sport. Both the Treaty [2] and the courts [3] acknowledge that sport has an educational dimension and plays a social, cultural and recreational role. According to the Institutions, sport therefore plays a major role in the strengthening of Europe. This can justify that some aspects of sport (e.g. the composition of national teams [4]) can depart from European law,

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  • DWF (Paris)
  • Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe (Paris)


Emmanuel Durand, Malik Idri, Sport & exclusivity : a synthesis of national case laws, 15 septembre 2014, e-Competitions Sports & Competition Law, Art. N° 32325

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